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  • Where is Toronto?
    • Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario, Canada
    • Toronto is located East of Detroit, MI, and North of Buffalo, NY.
  • Do I have to cross a border?
    • Yes, you need to clear Immigration
    • You will need a valid passport (Drivers License will not do since 9-11)
    • Your belongings will need to clear Customs
    • If you're bringing commercial goods, you will need an import license or clearance
    • If you are flying, you will need to follow security rules for carry-on baggage.
    • If you need to talk to your consulate, you may look for it on our Consulates page.
    • Here is US Gov't info on Canada
    • What is the National Anthem of Canada?
  • Do I have to pay Sales Tax in Canada?
    • Yes, in Ontario, Canada, we pay 8% Provincial Sales tax (PST) plus 7% Federal Sales Tax (GST)
    • But, if you spend more than $200 (on a single sales slip), you can get your sales tax back after you leave the country. You need to fill in a tax refund form.
  • Can we use US Dollars in Canada?
    • Canadian currency is the Canadian Dollar
    • Merchants will occasionally accept US currency, but often charge more for the exchange
    • The Canadian Dollar is approximately 3/4 of the US$
    • See here for a Currency Converter
    • See here for more Currency Exchange Information
  • How do I get from the Airport to the Hotel?
    • There are buses going from the airport to the Hotel.
    • There are also Taxies and Limousines
    • The latter are slightly more expensive but usually better than taxies
  • What can I do in Toronto for sightseeing?
  • Are there any good restaurants in Toronto?
    • Toronto is one of the best cities in which to eat, since there are restaurants of many nations in the world
    • You can look in the Yellow Pages Phonebook and select the cuisine of your choice
    • We have made a small exquisite selection on our restaurant page
  • What is the choice of hotels in Toronto?
    • Toronto has many hotels all over the city
    • You would be wise to find one listed on our website close to the hotel or near the subway.
    • Or you could choose one located near the subway line.
  • What is the 'subway'?
    • The subway is a fast underground train system
    • It can be recognized by signs saying TTC (Toronto Transit Commission)
    • Not to be confused with signs saying 'subway', indicating a deli selling submarine shaped sandwiches.
    • Click here for more information on transportation in the city
  • Who to do in case of emergency, while in Toronto?
    • Toronto has a one number emergency service: Just dial 911
    • It will serve for any kind of emergency: medical, fire, police, etc.
    • The MTCC building, where the AQC is held, has a fully equipped and staffed First Aid office. It is located on level 100 across from room 106.
    • Drugstore/Pharmacy/Chemist:
      'Main Drug Mart'
      - is at 254 Queen's Quay West (at Rees)
      Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am-9pm; Sat & Sun 10am-6pm 416-260-2766
  • Where can I buy ...?
    • Check out the Yellow Pages phone book or
    • Check out our listing of Services
  • What is the weather like in Toronto?
    • The weather varies between sun and overcast 17-26ºC.
    • Click here for the weather forecast
  • Is there any Child Care available at the MTCC?
    • A company called ImprovCare, who normally services the Royal York Hotel, is available to convention goers.
    • You are advised to make arrangements on your own in advance of the conference.
  • Is there any skiing near Toronto?
    • There is, but only in the Winter from the beginning of December till the end of March.
    • Near Barrie, about a two hours drive from Toronto, are 3 ski resorts.
  • What is the population of:
    • Toronto: 1.9 million
    • GTA (Greater Toronto Area): 3.5 million
    • Ontario: 5 million
    • Canada: 31 million (10 provinces, 3 territories)
  • What is the capital of:
    • Canada: Ottawa
    • Ontario: Toronto
  • What are the major league sports teams of Toronto?
  • Is there any sailing in Toronto?
    • There are several sailing areas in Toronto, all along Lake Ontario
    • Unfortunately there are no rentals. So, bring your own.
  • Where can I buy a Toronto 'CityPass' discount pass?
    • You may purchase CityPass at any of the participating attractions in a city, in advance on their website or from many U.S. travel agents

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